Friday, 10 June 2016

Volunteer Week

Hi, I am Anya Deputat and my role within A Way Out is to recruit, train and retain volunteers and this is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done!

Without volunteers it would be impossible for A Way Out to positively change lives in the way that we do.  Our volunteers are so valuable to the organisation in many different ways – assisting our Youth team with regular weekly Youth sessions; preparing food and crafts for our weekly vulnerable women’s drop-ins; teaming up with Women’s Service staff during regular evening outreach; providing admin assistance; decorating and repairing the building; the list is endless!

Our volunteers come to us from all areas of life from students commencing university studies, to people embarking upon retirement.  People fit in their volunteering around studying, work and family commitments making a very real difference in their spare time.

Our youngest supporter so far this year is 10 year old Grace.  Too young to undertake a specific ‘official’ volunteering role, Grace was so captured by our work and determined to support the charity, that she came up with an inspiring idea – Grace contacted everyone she knew – friends, family, church and young people’s groups – she shouted out her idea and drummed up support.  Then, for the next 7 hours Grace went completely silent… Her supporters sponsored her silence by donating items food and toiletries… to the sound of over 450 items!!  These items will be used to provide food parcels for A Way Out’s weekly drop-ins. Isn’t Grace amazing?

This month is National Volunteer month, and to celebrate this A Way Out will be giving people the opportunity to hear more about the life changing experiences of our volunteers at our event entitled “Doors Open at A Way Out”.  This is your opportunity to come along and be inspired and motivated.  The event will take place on 15th June in the A Way Out building at Stockton’s Riverside between 12.30 and 3.30pm.  Join us for cake and refreshments, hear encouraging and moving stories from our very own volunteers and find out about how you too can support our work and make a huge difference to the lives of others in our community.

If you are unable to come along on 15th but would like to find out more about our volunteering opportunities please go to our website , or email or telephone me, Anya Deputat on 01642 655071.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The staff in the A Way Out projects office are always happy in their work but recently at their desks they have been humming a new tune, and when I say new, I mean NEW!
The A Way Out Youth Project were given a really exciting opportunity last month.  For an entire day a group of young people from High Clarence school visited the A Way Out Centre in Stockton and worked under the guidance and expertise of Apollo Arts to produce and record their very own original song.  The workshop, funded by Musinc and Youth Music, enabled the young people to compose, right from scratch a catchy tune with heart felt lyrics describing how they felt about being part of the A Way Out Youth Project.
Besides stretching their creative talents the young people exercised their vocal chords as they sang “A Way Out is safe and free! Allowing me to believe in ME!”.  The sentiment of the lyrics chosen by the young people themselves speaks of the true heart of the A Way Out Youth Project – empowering the young people to truly believe in themselves and widening their horizons for the future, to be an original, just like their song!

During the workshop the young people practised and eventually recorded the song which they hope to be able to perform in public soon.  Apollo Arts commented, "It was great to work with A Way Out again, especially on such a creative workshop as Song writing.  The group worked extremely hard with each aspect of song writing the lyrics to pressing the big red button to record and finished the day with a fantastic piece of original music."

It is such a real benefit to be able to work in partnership so successfully and, as an organisation, A Way Out is always on the look out for new talent to support our work – could this be you?  As a volunteer with our Youth Project helping to support our RELOAD youth sessions, or supporting drop-ins and outreach with our Women’s Project (Liberty)?  A really great accompaniment to our work is to raise the roof by raising funds via our Stand2Change Campaign – use your talents for the benefit of our organisation, be an original! 
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