Thursday, 26 January 2012

Changing Hearts, Changing Lives

Heart 2 Change is a really exciting project that began in November as part of the Recovery Programme at A Way Out. The idea is to support 16-24 year old women who have been coming to A Way Out groups for a little while and who are committed to working further on life skills and personal development.

A typical week could look a bit like this:

Monday- Sports and Fitness e.g. spinning, netball, pilates...

Tuesday- Therapeutic Group Sessions to build confidence and self-esteem

Wednesday- Community Drop-In and Celebrate Recovery, a Christian recovery program (optional)

Thursday- Life Skills e.g. cooking, budgeting, numeracy

Friday- Voluntary placement

In addition to this, the girls on the Heart 2 Change program are each allocated a mentor who meets with them on a weekly basis in 121 sessions to be an extra support and provide an opportunity to explore any practical support needed while on the course.

This program is a fantastic course and is running really well so far. All of the girls have reduced their alcohol consumption since November and as you will know from our previous blogs, alcohol abuse is a serious problem in the North-East and amongst many of our clients. We're excited to see where this program goes in the future!

Obviously there are costs attached to running a project such as this and if you felt you could support Heart 2 Change is any way, no matter how small, we'd be really grateful. It costs £100 per girl per week to run the program and we currently have five young women enrolled. If you are interested in giving anything towards this cost then you can find out details of how to give on our website.

Love from A Way Out x

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