Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Some words can be both confusing and inspiring.  The meaning of one simple, single word has the ability to transform depending upon the context in which it is perceived… take the word ‘stuff’ for example.

We all have ‘stuff’  -  general, unspecified, essential and nonessential  possessions that we class as our very own.  Stuff can have personal value, or be worthless, but it’s still our stuff. 

We can have a trolley stuffed full of shopping and consume a delicious meal and feel stuffed.  Then there’s the priceless stuff that can’t actually be physically held in our hands, but more in our heads – the person who really knows their stuff,  or the stuff that dreams are made of …and yet at the other end of the scale, when you really, really don’t care… you “don’t give a stuff!”

At A Way Out, ‘stuff,’ in its many guises matters a lot to us.   

When worldly possession are 4 black plastic bags that need to remain safe while time is taken away from society to get yourself sorted – we’ll keep the stuff safe.

Each week we aim to stuff to the brim a food parcel for each vulnerable woman who visits our regular drop in.  Can you help with this? Follow this link for more information.

When a head is so packed full of stuff that life feels unbearable, our therapeutic counsellors help to unpack and make things manageable.

Our project workers and trained volunteers not only know their stuff in terms of professional knowledge, but are also an essential part of helping to make dreams come true – turning situations around, making real changes to lives… part of the journey for as long as it takes to make the stuff of  dreams a reality.

For all of this to happen we have to “give a stuff!!” 

Daily we give thanks for the dedication of our staff, volunteers and supporters – without you the work of A Way Out would not be possible… (we would be stuffed!) 

Isn’t it great to be part of something really good?  … and just a little can go a long, long way.

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